Recommended Accessories

When people invest $250 for a scanner, they probably want to protect it, get some accessories to go with it or otherwise add to the experience. Scanner Master (http://www.scannermaster.com) has a full line of scanner accessories such as cases, antennas, computer cables, power adaptors and references to make your scanner more enjoyable.

Many of the accessories for the other Uniden DMA scanners will work for the BC346XT as well. Here are a few that you might be interested in:

Cases: Spend this much on a radio and you will want to protect it from scratches, drops and dings. Nylon and soft leather cases are available.

Since Uniden does not provide a car charger for these radios you can use this Scanner Master power adaptor.

No Serial Port on your computer? Using a Mac to program your radio? You need a USB cable to program the radio. The USB-1 cable allows you to program the radio directly from a USB port, available on all computers from the last 10 years. Drivers are available for a free download for Windows 98 thru Vista. Mac Users with Windows (via BootCamp, Paralells, Fusion, etc.) can also use this cable.

Lose your AC adapter/charger? Want a second one to keep for travel? Use this adapter from ScannerMaster.

Want to use the BC346XT in the car? You can use the Uniden RH-96 with the scanner and have an easier time at accessing the controls.

You can also buy an assortment of remote speakers (amplified or not), headphones, antennas and more. Just go to http://www.scannermaster.com/Accessories_s/3.htm and chose what you want.


•9000 Channels

•TrunkTracker III

•Close Call

•100 Quick Keys

•Alpha Tagging

•Fire Tone-Out

•Band Scope


•Compact Size

•Audio AGC

•Search with Scan

•PC Control


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