There is a wealth of information available for the BCD396XT scanner. Websites exist for the radio itself, regional and local scanner groups and software support.

One of the most exhaustive sources is the RadioReference website. This site has an extensive listing of scanner frequencies for the entire USA, Canada and many other nations. For the USA the scanner database is broken down by state and county, then local systems.

RadioReference also has an extensive Wiki section that explains how almost anything scanner related works. There is a large Forums section where you can discuss the BCD396XT or any other topic. Ask questions, make comments and discuss the topics of interest. Active in the forums are experts in all facets of scanning, including some of the movers and shakers in the industry.

Scanner Master
If you need a scanner, software, accessories or information, this is it. ScannerMaster sells Uniden, GRE and RadioShack scanners, accessories such as antennas, cases and power cords as well as a range of programming software from Butel. The BCD396XT can be viewed at: BCD396XT Package

BCD396XT Yahoo Group)
Yahoo Groups has hundreds of scanning related email based discussion forums. These typically have Files Sections where users can upload and share programming files, documentation and other files, Photos Sections to share pictures and other features.
There are also hundreds of Yahoo Groups for local and national scanner groups and other topics.

Uniden's Corporate Website
Direct from the manufacturer, you can download information about the scanner here, view accessories and order parts. You can go direct to the BCD396XT page at:

Uniden.com BCD396XT product details or Unidens BCD396XT Wiki.

You can view the official Uniden PDF manual at Uniden BCD396XT manual.

Online Resources: Uniden's BCD396XT Reference Guide


•25000 Channels

•TrunkTracker IV

•Close Call

•100 Quick Keys

•Multi-Colored Display

•Alpha Tagging

•Fire Tone-Out

•Band Scope


•Compact Size

•Audio AGC

•Search with Scan

•PC Control

•NAC Decoding


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